Fire Prevention & Evacuation Training Course

This course is designed to educate and train staff on understanding fires, the types of fires they may experience in the workplace and best extinguisher to use in such an event. Also the correct evacuation procedures.

Course Content:

  • Legislation/ Regulations
  • The Chemistry of Fire
  • Classes of Fire & how to identify them
  • Discussion on the various types of Fire extinguishers, classes and colour coding on extinguishers
  • Suitability of the various types of extinguishers on classes of fires
  • Discussions on the hazards of fire, fire prevention, good housekeeping and the care and co-operation of all concerned in the prevention of fire
  • The set up of an actual fire and the practical and physical use of a Fire extinguisher top extinguish that fire

Certificates issued on completion.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Max number of delegates: 12 persons

For more information regarding the training course please feel free to get in touch.

Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training