Small Enclosure Fire Suppression Protection


R-DLP pre-engineered fixed fire suppression systems are an ideal standalone solution for the protection of electrical cabinets. Price shown below is a starting price and depends on size.


R-DLP systems make economic sense for the protection of critical assets such as electrical control panels when it is considered that 70% of businesses cease to trade within three years of a serious fire; many which are caused by electrical faults. Operation: R-DLP systems extinguish fire automatically in defined spaces, when it’s pressurized 6mm tube, attached to the extinguishing agent storage vessel outlet, bursts; on exposure to flame. Thus releasing the suppressant orientated in the direction of the fire.

Extinguishant: R-DLP systems use HFC-227ea (FM-200) which is respected worldwide , as it is environmentally friendly and is considered safe for use in occupied areas.


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